Sunday, May 27, 2012

Something New.

Yesterday, May 26, 2012.. I got a new hairstyle :)

I always have a thing for short hair. I wanted to cut my hair last April but decided not to because, well, I wanted to have long hair during summer. Now that summer is about to end (May 28 is the start of enrollment), I decided to cut my hair.

My main reason: New look on my school i.d. :) okay nman yung reason ko dba? hahaha :D When I was in gradeschool, highschool and for three consecutive years in college kasi, I had long hair sa School I.D., so when I was in 4th year college, I had my first school i.d. na short hair ako :) so ginagawa ko na yun every year. :) ( I mentioned in my other blog post na 2nd year law student na ako sa pasukan)

When I arrived at the chapel yesterday, everyone was shocked but in a good way. It was good to know that they liked it. 

A change in hairstyle is also a way to reinvent yourself. Its not bad to try new things and take risks. You might be surprised with everyone's reaction :) 

so what do you think?


Fiel ♥

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