Saturday, June 30, 2012

Buhay Estudyante.

It has been two weeks since classes started. Really, the first week was just the orientation week so I  was just chillin'. But now, after the orientation, teachers give a lot of assignments and I have to study and be prepared for oral recitations the next meeting. When you're in Law School, class discussions become so rare since teachers prefer oral recitations as a way to know how much the students have learned about the law and stuffs like that. Right now, I've been digging my photocopies of cases and opening my books and lessening my time with the internet during day time. 

While studying, I had the idea to blog about my school supplies! Yeah, corny as it may seem,  but your "tools" help you become successful in studying. What I mean with "successful in studying" is that, you remember easily, you understand directly, your thoughts are organized and you develop a study habit and strategy that fits you!  

Here are my study buddies!

1. Notebooks. In my case, Binders. Since Highschool, I've been using binders since they are more convenient and less expensive compared to buying one notebook per subject. The thing with binders is that you only need to refill the leaves, which is available in bookstores. I have two binders (refer to the picture). Since then, I haven't bought a notebook.

I have two binders. the orange one I got when I was in 2nd year college. And the other one, I got when I was in 4th year college.

2. Organizer. I never really used any organizers back then but when I was in 4th year college, I  tried to use one because I needed to balance out my school activities. Since then, I've been buying one at the start of the year just so I could organize my activities and manage my time wisely. I also use it for my to-do-list. I really am not that bad at remembering things and in balancing activities but I find that it can be very useful especially when I need to do a lot of things for one day. 

I like this organizer because it has the weekly view and to do list at the back. Plus, its cheap. I think I bought this at a price range of P50-P100 only. 

3. Sticky Notes. I started using Sticky notes last year when I started studying Bachelor of Laws since I have to write a lot and make notes. I use post-its for quick notes on my books because I don't like to write on my books so instead of writing directly at my book, I use post-its. While shopping at SM CdeO, I came across a set of cute post-its. Its a plus that they are not of the same sizes because I can easily put it in small spaces or I can use it as page markers. 

This was the set I was talking about. Its also handy.

I use this as page markers. They're so cute, right? I adore the emotions! :))

Kawaii Stickynotes :)

4. Writing Materials. Paper clips/clamps. Glue. Bookstand. Its explanatory! hahaha. Sometimes, when I don't have any sticky notes with me, I use my pencil to doodle some notes on the book. I read alot of cases and I have a lot of reading materials that needs photocopying so paper clips and clamps are really handy. 

My companions while studying :)

The case that holds all my loves together!!

I like this glue because its really effective! plus, I was intrigued with the purple glue. haha :)

5. Envelopes and Clip Board. I have a lot of papers to compile and bring to class. Plus, I have heavy books. I pity my bags for enduring the heaviness of it all! I also have a lot of important stuff to keep like evaluation cards, certificates, etc., I keep it on my envelope :) It was just coincidence that their colors are all pink, swear! :) 

This envelope is expandable and has 4 slots so I can store a lot of papers.

I know its a lot but I really do use all of these to my advantage. I have developed my own study habit. I'm a visual-auditory learner, which means that I learn more and understand more when I read aloud or when I take down notes and re-write stuffs. I think that explains why I have a lot of ballpens and pencils and sticky notes! You may think that it is such a hassle to re-write and organize and stuffs but I am comfortable with it. I can focus more. 

A tip for you guys, know what study style fits you and then buy the school supplies that will help you. But more than the school supplies and the study style, your attitude towards studying is the best ingredient of all. Because no matter how high-tech your gadgets are or how many your organizers and note taking stuffs are, if you don't commit to your study habits, then it will all be just a waste of time and resources. 

Do we have the same weapons to face the enemies at the war zone? 


Fiel ♥

Saturday, June 23, 2012


I have told you guys that I'm currently hooked up to the song "Call Me Maybe" by Carly Rae Jepsen because it gives me the good vibes!


Me and my friends decided to make a cover! :)) Please do support :)

Watch. Like. Comment. Share! Enjoy :))

Spread the Love <3
Spread the Fun <3
Spread the Good Vibes <3



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Monday, June 18, 2012


Hello :)

One factor that made me wanna make a blog is my camera. You see, I'm a visual person. Its easier for me to learn with visuals. In the same way, it's easier for me to share my ideas with illustrations. So I got my camera which is 1-month old already and so far, so good. I don't really have the money to buy the expensive camera plus I'm no professional. As a beginner, I need to familiarize myself with the basics. Thus, I got a point and shoot camera - Canon PowerShot A2400 IS! If ever you guys wanna see its specifications, just click the link. 

This is exactly what my camera looks like. It is available in four different colors!

What is more amazing about it is that it is equipped with Intelligent Image Stabilizer which basically means that it helps and corrects in taking pictures with subjects that move. It also has creative effects like Toy Camera, Miniature, Fish-eye, Super Vivid and a lot more. Since it's a point and shoot cam, I can just carry it around. It's very light and it comes with a free 4gb memory card and hard case! 

Here are my shots. 

This was a test shot on the red eye remover. Effective!

Lighting shot.


Super Vivid effect.

Outdoor shot

Television Shot? haha. I was just trying to see if it can capture clearly. It did.

Fish-eye. If I'm not mistaken, I've only set medium on this so it didn't really stretched that much.


See the vibrant colors??

Testing the Intelligent IS. Check out my shot on the moving multicab.

Miniature Shot.

Toy Camera.

Capturing the hues of the sky at sunset.


Fyi, those pictures are raw so that the effects of the cam are highlighted. I did not do any editing here. See how amazing those picture are? If there is any realization, It's not really the camera. It's you and how you see the world. It's not just the effects but the skills, talents and creativity that comes with it. 

Awesome, right?


Fiel ♥

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Pixlr all you can!

Hi lovies!

I mentioned in my latest blog post that I was so happy to explore Google Chrome Webstore. Now, I'm going to talk about one application that is just pure awesome. With this, you can add effects to your photos in just a flash. It has a considerable amount of effects! Presenting, Pixlr-o-matic! I posted the link so that you guys can try it for yourself. Its a great way to make your photo come to life. Not all of us can afford high definition cameras or not all have the ability to take good shots so with this app, you can "cheat" in adding effects. And also, not all of us have the time and the resources to study Adobe Photoshop for superb photo editing so the Pixlr-o-matic provides a convenient way in picture editing :) Don't get me wrong, I know Photoshop, its just that, I'm not a professional at editing pictures. So far, so good. I love its vintage and retro effects! 

To give you an idea on what the pictures would look like, here are some samples. 

Ain't it awesome? I forgot, even the raw pictures are great, right? I'm no professional photographer but I have a point and shoot camera and it is so amazing. I'm definitely gonna blog about it in the coming days. 

For those who have android phones, ipad, iphone etc., Pixlr-o-matic is available as an application. Try it, you might just like it :))


Fiel ♥

Friday, June 15, 2012

Cheers to Good Vibes!

Hello there!

I've been really happy since the beginning of this month. I don't know why, its just really been good. Hopefully this month will end good as well. Next week, my classes will start so I don't really think I'll be able to enjoy as much as I what. Law school can be a pain in the ass! hahahaha. but it can be very enjoyable. So much for law school, I'd like to share the things that have given me good vibes! :)

1. Have you heard of the song "Call Me Maybe" by Carly Rae Jepsen? I've been raping the repeat button on my laptop and even on my cellphone for this song! No offense meant but the song itself is a little off lyrics wise, like the thought maybe, but the tune is just so catchy and it makes me wanna dance and just be carefree, not to mention there's a cute guy with six packs on the video, but with a major disappointment at the end. hahaha (finish the video to see the twist). Its a plus that the chorus can easily be remembered!  Anyways, there's been covers done on this song. There  are popular  covers made by Geargina, Solenn, Anne, Belle, Liz and alot more. , Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, Ashley Tisdale and friends and even Barack Obama! If you haven't watch their covers then you are missing something. They're so funny and they are just so into the beat! Here's the video in case you want to watch it!

2. Mcdo! Yes, Mcdonalds. You may think I eat unhealthy since the popular fastfood gives me the good vibes, so what? Masarap naman eh? hahahaha I dont eat there three times a day or I don't frequent myself to the unhealthy lifestyle so don't worry. Dont get me wrong, I love Jollibee! I really do! But kasi parating puno yung Jolibee sa tapat nang school and they have little space compared to Mcdo na may second floor! A lot of students hang at Mcdo because of their cozy atmosphere. Sa Jolibee kasi, parang you're always in a hurry kasi andami pang naka-pila to dine there! Jolibee will never be off naman! (Naks, bumawi talaga ako? hahaha) 

3. Google Chrome Web Store! Its just like an android market or an Apple Application store but only for internet use on a laptop or PC! I have known this for a long time but I was just so happy that it was up-to-date so you can just get as many applications and extensions and install it in your browser for easy access. Its really very convenient. It has applications for entertainment to games, productivity, business, communication etc.! If you're using Google Chrome as your internet browser then you better check it out. FYI, I use the applications found in the Webstore to edit my pictures because I find it more convenient than photoshop. I mean, Photoshop is just awesome but I'm no professional so if I use photoshop, I'll end up editing pictures for hours as compared to the applications found in webstore, I can edit in minutes.

4. Friends! (aside from my family because its understandable) I've been out everyday for the past two weeks because of these people! Its just awesome that we connect with each other so easily. I guess, I'm being very sentimental about these moments because I won't be able to see them as much as I do now because of my classes. I have to set my priorities right so there will be less time to go out and more time with my books. plus, they also have to do the same. Some have classes and some have jobs already! But I know that whatever happens, we will always be at each other's back. hahahaha

5. New Puppy! Joe Mari, the lovable bf has a new puppy. I ENVY HIM! hahaha. We don't actually know what breed the dog is but she's darn so cute! For the record, we have 2 dogs, Chloe number 1 which stays with joe and Chloe number 2 whic stays with me. Why the same names? because they are exactly alike! twins! :) I don't know if he has given a name to the puppy yet but what the heck, I'll update! :))

eto si Joe Mari, ang nagmamay-ari ng cute na puppy! excuse the haggard face, it was a rainy night and he ran from Jolibee to Mcdo which was a block away. 

Those are the stuffs that have given me the good vibes that I need! :)

What are yours?


Fiel ♥

Saturday, June 9, 2012

End + Beginning

Super late post! (Sorry nman oh) haha.

What I am about to blog is the ORSEM (Orientation Seminar) 2012! Its a 3-day activity one week before the start of classes, intended to welcome the freshmen! Yes, our school has that! oh, it's not only for freshmen but also for transferees and returnees. So in three days, the University gets to show the freshies what Xavier University is really about. Btw, this is how my month of May ended and how my month of June began. ORSEM was from May 30-June 1.

 May 29, 2012, we had our last practice for the OrSem Mass. Because it's Orsem, the Universtiy was filled with banners bearing the Atenean Spirit.

AMDG+ means Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam. In English, it means for the greater glory of God. 
Fight Fight Blue and White. the core colors of the Ateneo. During Cheerdance Competition, the contenders must incorporate in their chants the cheer of the Ateneo :)
Onward Crusaders. Xavier University has celebrated its diamond jubilee 3 years ago.  Since then,  the Crusaders are to move forward and go to the frontier. 
(That's me, feeling the school spirit) hahaha!
One Fight, One Glory. Xavier Rules. (bow)
The mass was to start at 9:00am so we have to be there at the gym by 8am. I arrived at the gym at around 8:15am and the ground floor of the gym were already filled! Loud Cheers filled the atmosphere!

If you're wondering about the colors, the freshmen are required to wear their college colors. 

I took a photo of the students on the second floor of the gym. Almost all of them were from the School of Business and Management. 

After the mass, we were free to do whatever we want. For the next couple of days, we hang out at the school and joined the freshmen as they toured around the campus.

naging nostalgic naman ako bigla :) I'm from the School of Business and Managemnet! :) so yun, school pride. hahah

Na-curious kasi kami bigla sa malaking bag na nakadisplay kaya pinagtripan namin :)

Would you believe na may booth 'dun na nag.o-offer ng free hug? ano to? PBB TEENS? HUG MO KO! HUG MO KO! hahahaha.
eto, mga kasama ko sa Org. nag volunteer sila sa OrSem kaya ayan, haggard lang! :)
The last night of the OrSem was OrSem night.. (malamang) so there was a talent expo at the gym. At dahil wala naman kaming magawa, nakisali narin kami!

eto ang mga makukulit kong kaibigan! :)

grabeh tagala tong engineering! wagas na wagas yung red light. !!

Those were the stuffs I and my friends did during the OrSem. Personally, I always look forwasrd to OrSems because as a freshman, its the first thing you do as a student in the university. Explore and Carefree lang ang feeling. Honestly, when you see their faces, parang lost lang pero happy. It also feels nice to welcome the freshies to the school and make their first days memorable.

Welcome freshmen! :)


Fiel ♥

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