Saturday, June 30, 2012

Buhay Estudyante.

It has been two weeks since classes started. Really, the first week was just the orientation week so I  was just chillin'. But now, after the orientation, teachers give a lot of assignments and I have to study and be prepared for oral recitations the next meeting. When you're in Law School, class discussions become so rare since teachers prefer oral recitations as a way to know how much the students have learned about the law and stuffs like that. Right now, I've been digging my photocopies of cases and opening my books and lessening my time with the internet during day time. 

While studying, I had the idea to blog about my school supplies! Yeah, corny as it may seem,  but your "tools" help you become successful in studying. What I mean with "successful in studying" is that, you remember easily, you understand directly, your thoughts are organized and you develop a study habit and strategy that fits you!  

Here are my study buddies!

1. Notebooks. In my case, Binders. Since Highschool, I've been using binders since they are more convenient and less expensive compared to buying one notebook per subject. The thing with binders is that you only need to refill the leaves, which is available in bookstores. I have two binders (refer to the picture). Since then, I haven't bought a notebook.

I have two binders. the orange one I got when I was in 2nd year college. And the other one, I got when I was in 4th year college.

2. Organizer. I never really used any organizers back then but when I was in 4th year college, I  tried to use one because I needed to balance out my school activities. Since then, I've been buying one at the start of the year just so I could organize my activities and manage my time wisely. I also use it for my to-do-list. I really am not that bad at remembering things and in balancing activities but I find that it can be very useful especially when I need to do a lot of things for one day. 

I like this organizer because it has the weekly view and to do list at the back. Plus, its cheap. I think I bought this at a price range of P50-P100 only. 

3. Sticky Notes. I started using Sticky notes last year when I started studying Bachelor of Laws since I have to write a lot and make notes. I use post-its for quick notes on my books because I don't like to write on my books so instead of writing directly at my book, I use post-its. While shopping at SM CdeO, I came across a set of cute post-its. Its a plus that they are not of the same sizes because I can easily put it in small spaces or I can use it as page markers. 

This was the set I was talking about. Its also handy.

I use this as page markers. They're so cute, right? I adore the emotions! :))

Kawaii Stickynotes :)

4. Writing Materials. Paper clips/clamps. Glue. Bookstand. Its explanatory! hahaha. Sometimes, when I don't have any sticky notes with me, I use my pencil to doodle some notes on the book. I read alot of cases and I have a lot of reading materials that needs photocopying so paper clips and clamps are really handy. 

My companions while studying :)

The case that holds all my loves together!!

I like this glue because its really effective! plus, I was intrigued with the purple glue. haha :)

5. Envelopes and Clip Board. I have a lot of papers to compile and bring to class. Plus, I have heavy books. I pity my bags for enduring the heaviness of it all! I also have a lot of important stuff to keep like evaluation cards, certificates, etc., I keep it on my envelope :) It was just coincidence that their colors are all pink, swear! :) 

This envelope is expandable and has 4 slots so I can store a lot of papers.

I know its a lot but I really do use all of these to my advantage. I have developed my own study habit. I'm a visual-auditory learner, which means that I learn more and understand more when I read aloud or when I take down notes and re-write stuffs. I think that explains why I have a lot of ballpens and pencils and sticky notes! You may think that it is such a hassle to re-write and organize and stuffs but I am comfortable with it. I can focus more. 

A tip for you guys, know what study style fits you and then buy the school supplies that will help you. But more than the school supplies and the study style, your attitude towards studying is the best ingredient of all. Because no matter how high-tech your gadgets are or how many your organizers and note taking stuffs are, if you don't commit to your study habits, then it will all be just a waste of time and resources. 

Do we have the same weapons to face the enemies at the war zone? 


Fiel ♥


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