Thursday, July 5, 2012

DESSERTS is Stressed spelled backwards!

Happy July Everyone :)

June was a heck of a month. So much things to do. School has finally said it's opening statements. Because of that, I think I ought to to start my July right :)

For this month's kick off, I spent some time in the kitchen. I don't normally do that. As much as I would like to cook, I don't have that skill yet. Well, maybe in the coming years but for now, I'll stick with desserts!

I’ve been really good in making desserts. With desserts, you can never go wrong. Especially for me, I have a sweet tooth so it comes so natural to me. Anyways, my brother has been bugging me to make a “Cookies and Cream Graham Cake”. So last Sunday, when we went to the supermarket to buy our weekly groceries, he bought the needed ingredients. Kasi last May, they made one sa bahay ni lola so he wanted me to make one because he’s been craving for more!

HERE’S MY TAKE ON THE GRAHAM CAKE. To start, Here are the Ingredients:

And the Directions :)

1. Mix the cream and condensed milk together. Put it inside the fridge for 30 mins and whip it after the 30 mins. It will make the cream super fluffy!

2. Crush the Oreos. Start layering your graham and Oreos. In this step, you can choose what to put first. Just don’t forget to put cream after every layer, For example, (graham-cream-oreos-graham…)

3. Top it off with crushed graham and you’re done. Put it in the freezer for 2-3 hours or until the cake hardens up.


So ano? It looks so yummy, right? Try to make one and share your yummy dessert :)


Fiel ♥


  1. GIVE ME SOME!!!! -____________-

    1. hahaha! I'll try to make one. But the problem is, malanay na xa when I bring it to school :) Any suggestions para mka.kaun tang tulo ni eden? hahaha


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