Saturday, July 7, 2012

I want Candy!

I've always been a Candy mag aficionado! I think it started when I was in high school. My classmates brought candy magazines at school and when I liked reading it, I started collecting. So if I count the years, I have been collecting for 6 years already :) 

This post will be about the latest issue of Candy mag, the July issue. I'm going to blog about it because it is an amazing issue. Aside from their new look, the articles are very informative and easy to remember. And not to mention, the articles are so right for me. hahahaha because I needed the guidelines to start my school year right!

Here is their new look and their issue's feature. 

1. I've learned that proper TIME MANAGEMENT is the key! Not to brag about it but I do manage my time wisely. I do have extra curricular activities and other stuffs to deal with aside from studying. But sometimes, I forget to prioritize the stuffs that should be given priority. Reading the articles, I remembered that time management is not only balancing time for everything but also focusing on stuffs that matter most. Trash the "I don't have enough time" attitude because there is always time for everything. That's why its called "management" because you have to prioritize and get things done. When you are able to master the craft of time management, not only will you finish your errands and homeworks and such, but you are also able to insert your "ME TIME", "FAMILT TIME" and "FUN TIME" on your schedule and it won't be a waste of your time. 

2. I've been sharing in my past posts the things that give me the GOOD VIBES. Well, the issue also talks about some more stuffs that can give you the extra boost! From books, music and those cute cute stuffs that just make a face light up. But as much as these materials stuffs give you that, nothing beats making yourself happy but you. To quote the magazine, 
Its really up to you to sheer yourself up. Without the extra attitude towards being happy, then you won't be. So if you get bored with the internet, go out with your friends. And if you have just finished one stressful week, reward yourself with spa or a small weekend escapade. Really, no one knows yourself better than you so you also know what makes you happy. 

3. The magazine's article, "Save, Earn, Spend" got me high! Well, I guess I have to start learning the art of these 3 verbs! If there's anything I could share, I'd have to say that it needs discipline. I' going to share a formula I have learned in school when it comes to money.
Income - SAVINGS = Expenses
It simply means that when you get your hard-earned money, you deduct your savings. Maybe you can do that by making a promise to save an amount for the month. What you have left will be your budget when you shop! So if you have P12,000 in a month at minimum, save up P6,000 and you have P6,000 for your budget in your expenses. With that formula, you save more! 

WOAH! That was a lot! All the more reason I should read the next issues. Two thumbs up! :) 


Fiel ♥

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