Tuesday, July 10, 2012

It will always start with YOU.

Wow! This is great! I blogged about what I have learned while reading the July ish of Candy Mag, right? Well, no. 1, which is Time-Management, has materialized. And now, So is no. 2! 

Your attitude and outlook towards life depends on how you conduct yourself. No one knows yourself more than you do and no one can control yourself but you. 

An hour ago, my friend Miming shared an article entitled HUG YOURSELF by Joan Miranda. It basically shares that yourself is your best friend. It tells you the things that you can and cannot control, the stuffs you have to let go and the things to have to face to become better.

HUG YOURSELF by Joan Miranda
MY DEAR heart, I ask you to listen. Do not let envy darken your thoughts. I know how much you thirst for the spotlight. I know your hunger to be on top. I know it pains you, but hold on. Remember the people you have around you, your friends and family, and how good they have been to you. 
You can never please everyone and you must not hate them just because they do not play the roles you want for them in your life. Although your life is a stage, it is of your making and you can only direct yourself and not the other characters. It will not always be that people will fall in line seeking your attention. They are human and they cannot be controlled. You are not the sun around which the world revolves. 
A competitive spirit is not to be killed off but to be chanelled where it matters most. Look for what is more important, look for areas that need attending and focus on them. Do not let pride, ego, or carelessness get the better of you; it can never save you from downfall. If you desire to change, change to win not against others but against yourself. 
Guard your heart as well . I know how easily you get excited at the sight of a new conquest. I can hear your heart pounding whenever the object of your affection is near. There is nothing wrong with what you feel; own it. But remember just to feel. Do not put him on a pedestal, do not expect for your emotion to be reciprocated . If he feels for you, wait for him to say it. Do not be too eager and screw things up. If you feel the need to share it to someone, think seven times before you do, and pick someone who will not judge. 
Do not let your emotions lead you to act harshly and spontaneously. Shut your mouth and fake a smile, if necessary. If you are hurting and need to cry, do so in the dark and snap out of it quickly. Rant all you want but do so in writing as to not hurt anyone or yourself by your words.Nothing good comes from too much telling. 
If you feel alone and abandoned, hug yourself. You are your greatest shoulder. For people to care about you, you must first care about yourself. When the world feels too much to handle, run as far as you want, as long as you can find your way back.

 So what did you realize? Share your thoughts :) 


Fiel ♥

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