Friday, August 31, 2012

No fiesta for me!

After my "I love this week" post, Karma hits me back! I almost wished my Saturday classes would end early. Well, it did but not the way I wanted it too. Our teacher scheduled a removal to add to our exams. The schedule was August 27, 2012, yes, the day before the city fiesta! GAAAH! So we only have one day to review our midterm coverage. NO! Its really not possible to review everything in a day. Of course, the one day was a Sunday. Its hard to study because Sunday has always been a rest day for me. But I had to push through it. Well, I did. I managed. I have to.

Study buddy! and also, Bed invader! 
Ze messy bag and ze messy bed.
That's Iced coffee right there! Just to keep me awake.
I love to highlight!
Practicing photography.
Because of the removals, I didn't get to finish watching the Miss Kagay-an 2012. My plan of covering the Civic Parade didn't materialize and I was stuck in the house while everyone was on the streets! But yeah, I need to sacrifice for the sake of my grades. I will have my time. just wait. :)


Sheena Fiel 

Thursday, August 30, 2012


YEEEEEEEEEE!! Finallly, I bought the Nail art mini book entitled "Polished!". Lately, I've been painting my nails every week or so and I'm loving it. Since I don't have the money to go to Nail Salons, I opted to do my own nail arts! hahahaha! but not yet, not yet. Soon, when time and money permits me, I will buy my supplies and start painting the town red! (chos!) But for now, I'll just share with you this wonderful mini book. Yup, its a mini but it offers alot!

Here's the package!
The mini book.
The Polishes.
I love how they named the polishes. hahahaah!
Happy Girl.

I'm gonna share my nail art attempts soon. I was suppose to do one right away but figured not to since I have just erased my previous nail polish. I usually let my nails breathe for 3-5 days before applying another set of nail polish. 

Anyways, This product is from Berry Books and it is available in bookstores and bookstands. 



Sheena Fiel 

Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Two Words. I DO. Yes, you often here those words in a wedding. Well, that is what I wanna share in this blog post. Sometimes the Chapel Aides do wedding services. Yes, we do choir services and its something that thrills us all. I mean, c'mon! Its so amazing seeing two people bind themselves to each other and confess their undying love! Because of the choir services, I get to see couples say "I do" to each other :) teehee :))

I haven't sung at a wedding for, I think, a year so when they asked if I was free on that day, I agreed! The wedding was so nice and as usual, the people all stared at the bride as she walked down the aisle. I can't help but be in love, mainly because of the wedding ambiance and the love songs we were singing. We were all smiles that day and it was such a nice feeling to feel. <3

I'm gonna post the pictures but I'll have a surprise at the end so you better read and anticipate :)

The girls :) Sopranos and Altos!
tiana! :)
teehee :)
Altos! my girls :)
The Violinist! 
Guess who? haha! kidding. This is Akiko from the Female pop superstar search. She sang the song "Two Words" by Lea Salonga :)  Got LSS after! hahahaah!
I think this was the time they were to say their vows :) aww..
Sky hues :)
those lucky fishes outside the church! 

Here is the surprise! I get so giddy when I watch wedding videos so here it is :) This is the wedding I was talking about in this post. Here's the Video from Teddy Salido, a renouned videographer here in Cagayan de Oro City :) I have so much respect for this man. He makes awesome videos and I just love watching his videos :) Plus his the boss of Joe Mari :) hahahah! If you ever wanna watch some more of his videos, here's the link :)

DISCLAIMER: I am not in anyway paid for the "pep talk" about him. I just wanted to share the awesomeness of it all! :)

SOOOOOOOO! The video is in vimeo so the thumbnail doesn't show.! I'm just gonna post the link :)

Hope you watched the video so sharing it will not be in vain! haha! 


Sheena Fiel 

Friday, August 24, 2012

Tumbling me :D

Hello :)

Can I ask a little favor from you? Can you follow my tumblr account? Its sort of a photo diary. Please and Thank you. I will follow back so you don't have to worry :)


Sheena Fiel 

I love this week!

Hahahaha! oh yes! I do love this week. you know why? because I don't have any classes! Well, literally, I still do. I actually have 2 remaining classes for this week which will be tomorrow but so what!

Here it goes!
Aug 18, 2012 - Midterms ended and the Long Week-end started. I had an overnight/bonding with my college friends! It was a pizza/junkfood/drinks overload dinner and breakfast! and unlimited swimming!!! FTW!
Aug 19, 2012 - I had lunch with my barkada :) We ate, played at the arcade and sang our hearts out in a videoke bar! Plus, it was my cousins birthday thus I went to the party after the videoke.!!! 
Aug 20 - 22, 2012 - CHILL DAYS! I relaxed at home. I also went to the mall. and I had a one on one time with my notebook and internet!!! hahahah! 
Aug 23, 2012 - I went to he school because I had classes but the teacher was not around! It was awesome since I wasn't in the mood to go back to school. not yet. hihi.
Aug 24, 2012 - I was getting ready for school when my classmates texted me. Again, NO CLASS! Great! just Great!  

Tomorrow will be the start of another long week-end since Cagayan de Oro will have its Kagay-an Festival. I am so looking forward to the activities! yey! 

Since I'm such at a high right now, I'm just gonna post pictures that I've never posted before because they're just extras. But I'm gonna share them anyways because I think everything is post-worthy :)

OLN Signature pose :)
Jump shots attempts! 
Vain Moments :)
My worn-out Converse pair :) I love this pair to bits! :))
So what if I was blonde? hahaha!

I promise, I'm gonna share my week-end activities :) I'm just gathering the pictures :) hihihihi!



Sheena Fiel 

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Its Roxanne's Day! :)

Obviously, the title says it all! haha This is by the way, a backlog! I browsed my pictures library in my notebook and viola! I have yet to post pictures on facebook and posts in my blog. I think I have a total of 4, if I remember it right. Anyways lets just focus on this post!

Last July 31, 2012 (yes, this happened 3 weeks ago), my good friend Roxanne celebrated her 21st birthday :) yey! Because we love so her so much (chos!) we surprised her! It was a holiday at school since it was the Feast of St. Ignatius so we really planned for it to happen! :) You'll see in the pictures our set-up. Anyways, we made the perfect alibi and she really didn't notice! Wahahahaha! She cried so hard because she didn't expect it! After the surprise, we directly went to the Carnival since it had opened for the city fiesta! :) The main attraction was the Sea Dragon and it was a crazy ride! Then there was the Octopus! OOoooohh good thing we didn't had dinner before we went to the carnival because everything would just be a waste, if you know what I mean :) Because my companions were so dizzy, we went to Chowking and ordered some soup ! They felt better after!

We were the look-out!  
My fave!
Look at those cupcakes!! :) So yummy!!!
The "surprisers" and the one surprised! :) See, she was so touched that she cried :))
Roxanne, the birthday girl :) 
Rox and Batin :)
Look at their faces!!! 
Me and Chris :)
This is what happens to those who were not prepared to ride the crazy ride! hahaha

Our day ended with a bang! :) Hope we could hang-out more soon :)


Sheena Fiel 

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Of Gods and Goddesses.

Last July 28, 2012, The College of Law had its annual Testimonial Dinner. The events serves to celebrate the new lawyers of the school. As law students, we were encouraged to attend. Its was a good experience since we have listened to the new lawyers' speeches and their advice to law students. Overall, it was fun.

Well, I wasn't really planning on going because I didn't have anything to wear. But some of my classmates told me that they weren't gonna follow the theme so yeah, I didn't follow the theme either. hahahaha!  I had classes until 4pm and the dinner was to start at 5pm but nooooo! It didn't start at 5pm. It started at 7pm so it was an advantage for us, hence we were not late! :) But enough about the talking. I'm just gonna post some pictures of me and my blockmates. hihihihi :) Enjoy! :)

My Absolute Lovies :) Look how cute they are. With Matching Colors !!
Playing around with these Greek symbols !
Ivy Got Framed!
Ze naked men was probably the most popular guy of the night. 

Til the next testimonial dinner :) 


Sheena Fiel 

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