Tuesday, August 14, 2012



No, i don't literally wanna scream. 

On second thought, maybe I do want to scream! AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH! 

I'm in the middle of my midterm weeks, yes, law school has 2 weeks for midterms. Seriously, the exams have been very harsh on me and my classmates. Its the kind of exam where you go in the classroom memorizing all the stuffs you could cram in your head and when you get out of the classroom, you literally have an empty brain and an empty stomach! Midterms is so draining. I've been spending my whole day reading books, highlighting, and making notes and scribbles and doodles because I memorize easily when I write stuffs. 

But forget about midterms. I have saved this night for relaxing. for the first time in 7 days, I will sleep not later than 1am which means I have to rush and post. hahahah >:) I miss eating Ice Cream so when I found this background, I just had to apply it to my twitter profile :) (I got it from themeleon, by the way) 

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I swear, once this midterms will be over, I'm treating myself to a nice cone of gelato from missy bonbon. SWEAR! :)


Sheena Fiel 

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