Thursday, August 23, 2012

Its Roxanne's Day! :)

Obviously, the title says it all! haha This is by the way, a backlog! I browsed my pictures library in my notebook and viola! I have yet to post pictures on facebook and posts in my blog. I think I have a total of 4, if I remember it right. Anyways lets just focus on this post!

Last July 31, 2012 (yes, this happened 3 weeks ago), my good friend Roxanne celebrated her 21st birthday :) yey! Because we love so her so much (chos!) we surprised her! It was a holiday at school since it was the Feast of St. Ignatius so we really planned for it to happen! :) You'll see in the pictures our set-up. Anyways, we made the perfect alibi and she really didn't notice! Wahahahaha! She cried so hard because she didn't expect it! After the surprise, we directly went to the Carnival since it had opened for the city fiesta! :) The main attraction was the Sea Dragon and it was a crazy ride! Then there was the Octopus! OOoooohh good thing we didn't had dinner before we went to the carnival because everything would just be a waste, if you know what I mean :) Because my companions were so dizzy, we went to Chowking and ordered some soup ! They felt better after!

We were the look-out!  
My fave!
Look at those cupcakes!! :) So yummy!!!
The "surprisers" and the one surprised! :) See, she was so touched that she cried :))
Roxanne, the birthday girl :) 
Rox and Batin :)
Look at their faces!!! 
Me and Chris :)
This is what happens to those who were not prepared to ride the crazy ride! hahaha

Our day ended with a bang! :) Hope we could hang-out more soon :)


Sheena Fiel 


  1. Thanks for sharing! Thanks for visiting my blog too! As requested, I am following you :) Please follow me back too! :D

    1. Lara :) I have followed you already :) Thank you :)


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