Saturday, August 4, 2012

Little Happy Things

It wasn't just the choir practices that were making me busy but the little things in between. Whether its a simple snack in Mcdo or an afternoon in the soccerfield or an orientation in the chapel or the random acts, it will always be fun when its done with the awesome people we call friends. eeeeeeehhhhhhhh. 

taadaaa! I have a talent for braiding the hair :) and I'm slowly learning the skill "how-to-properly-throw-the-disc" in the sport Ultimate. Plus, my cam has a fish-eye effect so I had fun doing some funny-funny shots. So yeah, I am crazy like that. These are random pictures!

Joe Mari, teaching us the right way to throw. :)
Yellow Team on the move.
saan ang harana? 
Pineapple Girl. 

Cheers to Good Vibes :)


Sheena Fiel 

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