Friday, August 31, 2012

No fiesta for me!

After my "I love this week" post, Karma hits me back! I almost wished my Saturday classes would end early. Well, it did but not the way I wanted it too. Our teacher scheduled a removal to add to our exams. The schedule was August 27, 2012, yes, the day before the city fiesta! GAAAH! So we only have one day to review our midterm coverage. NO! Its really not possible to review everything in a day. Of course, the one day was a Sunday. Its hard to study because Sunday has always been a rest day for me. But I had to push through it. Well, I did. I managed. I have to.

Study buddy! and also, Bed invader! 
Ze messy bag and ze messy bed.
That's Iced coffee right there! Just to keep me awake.
I love to highlight!
Practicing photography.
Because of the removals, I didn't get to finish watching the Miss Kagay-an 2012. My plan of covering the Civic Parade didn't materialize and I was stuck in the house while everyone was on the streets! But yeah, I need to sacrifice for the sake of my grades. I will have my time. just wait. :)


Sheena Fiel 


  1. Nettie :) ikr? she's the cutest! Btw, thank you for always commenting. I really appreciate it. :)


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