Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Baby Panda

Hello :) Ever since I bought the nail art book, "POLISHED!", I just couldn't get enough of the nail arts! It literally provides over 50 designs which are really easy to do ! :) If you ever wanna see how the book looks like, here's my SO POLISHED! post! 

So here's my take on one of the cutest designs eveeerr! :) the Baby Panda! It was the first one that I did because its really adorable and it brings a new twist to french tip!

Look at that Panda!!
Weird how the second photo has only 4 fingers. hahahah :)
This is just a short post because I just like to share this achievement. hahahah! I say achievement because I have 'shakey' hands but still, the nail art was a success! :) I am definitely gonna try more designs. I wore this last week. Safe to say, as of this moment, I am wearing another design. Will post it after I post my backlogs! :)

Let the creativity begin! *wink*


Sheena Fiel 


  1. Your nails! SO cute!! You did a great job on the nails! Be proud of your "achievement" haha :)


    1. hehehe thank you sal! :) I really worked hard and patiently for this!

  2. cute! very easy to do yet really attracting in the eyes! yay! :)



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