Thursday, September 6, 2012

Happy Weekend Part 1.

So I mentioned in my Midterm Mania post that I will be sleeping a lot since I had such a busy week-end. But it wasn't really busy, it was more like fun-fun-fun kind of busy. hahaha! 

August 18, 2012 was the last day for my midterms. I got out at around 5pm and hurriedly went home and packed the things I needed for an overnight. This overnight means a lot because I will be spending time with these people that I went to college with :) Like literally, these people are my first besties in college and we sure got really bonded. They asked for an overnight just so we could spend time together because they were busy with work and I was busy with school. So, anyways, by 6:30pm, I was already at Marco Hotel (linked it so you can check it out in case you wanna stay here). I'm just gonna post the pictures and narrate through it. :)

Thats Dinner! There were supposed to be 11 of us but due to the long week-end, they went to their provinces leaving the 5 of us! So, from left to right, that's Rez, Kristal, Luis, Bob, and Me :)
Went I arrived, I immediately crashed the bed!! 
After dinner, we headed to the pool area. Lucky for us, the pool was right outside our cottage! 
Me and Rez were swimming buddies that night. The plan was for all of us to swim but they didn't bring any swimming stuffs! BOO! 
Photo on the 1st half: Luis, Rez and Me dominating the pool. There was no one but us which is kinda weird since it was a saturday night and there were lots of people in the hotel. O.O
Photo on the 2nd half: That's what they got because they didn't brought swimsuits. They ended up staying at the edge. hahaha!
1st: Luis was showing me his books because he is also a law student! :)
2nd: chilling before we hit the pool
3rd: My nose hurts after jumping in the pool. 'nuf said.
This was before the Tequila got the best of them. :) Take note, THEM. I drank like 1/3 of the wine so I wasn't really drunk or even near to being drunk. 
There were supposed to be more pictures of their drunkenness but Rez didn't post the pictures so I wasn't able to post here. But they sure were drunk. Kristal can't even stand and walk to the CR. and Rez went outside the room at 2am (we called it a night at 1am) - which in my own opinion was sleep walking because he didn't remember anything when he woke up. Silly drunk man. hahahah!

Rez: Super Drunk Man
Kristal: Girl in denial that she got drunk. :)

So there. I really had fun with this guys and even if it was just an overnight, it was really good catching up with friends. We planned on doing this again but this time with complete attendance. Well, maybe, during sembreaks. Will update on that. :)

I will post part 2 of my happy week-end after class today (thursday). Watch out for it. It will be a photo bomb!


Sheena Fiel 


  1. this is a fun time with friends!nice blog Sheena!
    hope you can visit our blog!

  2. I have visited your blog and I followed it :) Thank you for the comment! :)


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