Friday, September 7, 2012

Happy Weekend Part 2.

The second part of my happy weekend is my bonding with the absolute friends, Adikz! We planned this for like two weeks because our schedules never sync! It was Jela's birthday treat since she turned another year older last Aug.1, 2012 :) As I have mentioned, our schedules never sync so we waited for how many days until finally, we had the chance to go!

After the overnight, me and kristal hurriedly went to the mall where we were to meet the others. :) and from that, we ate our lunch, had fun at the arcade, and went to a videoke bar! :) Again, I'll walk you through thw photos because I have mentioned in my last post hat this particulay post is a photo bomb!!

PAO-EDEN-SHEENA: LAW STUDENTS are happy! Midterms just ended! :) 
That's my meal on the left and Eden's on the right :) 
Us five! Actually, we are at six but Thea couldn't come. :( 
Wacky fish-eye! 
Us minus the birthday girl! HAHA! Birthday girl turned Photographer! 
Playing Hoops. 
The videoke bar has a private romm for groups and it has free internet! 
Evidence that we are good at this. Hahahahah! 
Birthday Girl singing. 

Overall, we all went home happy we got together again! Fyi, we only get together when there's a birthday so it really means a lot when we get together! There's a birthday coming up this september!! hehehe yes yes yes! THEA! WE MISS YOU. BE WITH US THE NEXT TIME !

So that's how my week-end went. I was super tired but super happy! GOOD VIBES ALL THE WAY!!


Sheena Fiel 


  1. congrats! 100 tlga ang score ha? looks like you were really having fun. :) It's nice to have a tight circle of friends.

    1. Aww, Thank you Ile :) We really have a lot of fun plus we hit the 100 mark a couple of times. hahahah :)

  2. Love the description, "absolute friends". Hahahaha. we should do this, like, once every three months? LOL.

    1. Paolita! :) hahahah! Hello? like if every three months lang, meaning 4 times a year. If every birthday, 6 times a year! mas dghan ang every birthday! :) hahahah

  3. Looks like you girls had lots of fun. I love spending time with my girlfriends too

    1. I know right? It literally takes all the stress away! :)

  4. karaoke time is a guaranteed fun time! Love the photos :)
    Followed you :) Thank you for the comment you left in my blog!

  5. Aawww... Date with girlfriends... love it!

    1. thank you :) Its always nice to have fun with them :)


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