Tuesday, September 18, 2012


First Haul eveeeeeeeer!! I don't know what came up but I just saw my room filled with stuffs inside a plastic from SM and I had to do a haul post because these are such good finds. I just every body to know that I am not in any way bragging about anything. I'm just sharing with you guys what I had for myself because it had been so long since I've had time to shop. Like literally, when I go to the mall, I drool! And so, when my family went to the mall, I kinda got myself stuffs that I REALLY NEED. I don't splurge. I'm a wise shopper! *wink.wink* These are, by the way, bought in a span of two weeks. And almost everything, if not everything is below P500. I'm frugal like that. :) 

Do read the captions because You'll then know why I got this stuffs and how much of an awesome find each item is. :)

Aren't these sneaks the cutest? I got them from SM department store. Their brand is KICKS and guess what, I got this 2 for P399.75! Such a cheap find!
OMG! I forgot how much this was but I think its P100+ which is kinda amazing because its huge and can probably last for 2 months. hahahahah! I use this because I like clean and healthy feet. No, I feet doesn't stink and I'll prevent it from stinking. eerr. hahaha!
Bought pens because I was running low on ink :) 
YEHEE! Since I got brand new sneakers, I think it is only fitting to buy new socks! These are worth P199 :) 
Got this from my absolutely favorite store, REGATTA :) These cost me P695, (I think) but I love it. Pagbigyan niyo na, ngayun lang. hahah! 
This flower-ry blouse it from crissa. I bought this because it was on sale :) Got this for only P450! 
Got this for P200+. I just wanted to try it. I was choosing between the stick and the cream and Joe said that the stick would be easier to handle so I got the stick!
That's how long the bb stick is.  
An Ultimate jersey that Joe got for me! He spent P200 for this because everytime he'd have a tournament, their team always have new jerseys so he always gets one for me :) 
So that's it! I hope this won't be the last of my hauls. hahahah! What do you think of my new items? :)


Sheena Fiel 


  1. Please please do a review about the BBcream stick. I've been wanting to try that but i'm hesitant as I have combination skin that sometimes gets too oily.

    and I love those sneakers! I'll probably buy two pairs of those too, probably next month. I hope it's still available by then.

    1. Thank you :) okay, I'll make a review about it :)

      Those sneaks are really good for the rainy days! :)

  2. WOW! love the color of your sneakers!

    I hope you visit my blog and follow it. Thanks! :)

  3. nice! followed your blog, hope u could follow mine. xx


    1. I already followed you :) Thank you for visiting :)

  4. Hi Madam! Are the KICKS 2 for 399.75 still available in SM? I live in Mindanao and I am dying to buy those shoes. :(


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