Thursday, September 13, 2012

Kumbira 2012

This, I think, was last August 16, 2012. Another backlog and photo bomb! But don't worry, I know you guys will enjoy and you're tummies filled. Trust me. 

Every year, as pasrt of the City Fiesta, there is an event called KUMBIRA. typically, its a gathering of all the restaurants, schools, hotels, and other food establishments to talk about FOOD, kitchen equipments, FOOD, food preparations, FOOD, hotel and restaurant management, FOOD, and (did I mentioned) FOOD?! Yes, you got it right, this event was probably the yummiest.! I paid P40 to get in and viola! I get to taste the food in there if there were samples available (which is always available because duh! its a food festival!) Plus, there are contests so its not really boring. Its fun and is packed with a lot of people! This year's theme was "EATS MORE FUN IN KUMBIRA" which they patterned from the tourism slogan of the Philippines :)

So, Me and Joe went there on the second day because it was exam week and I have exams on the day Kumbira was to open. :) When we got there, the bartending contest was already starting ans it was unbelievable. The contestants came from all over Mindanao! Such a huge event! As all the people had their eyes on stage, me and joe had our eyes on the displays. It was so yummy!! Of course, to share it with you guys, I have pictures! 

So this is the entrance to the venue :) Boyfriend insisted I should have a photo in the canopy-like entrance!
If you can't figure this out, this is a watermelon. Such beauty. Their theme for this contest was Tribal hence the designs!
This is bread! Wow! Their theme was Pinoy Handaan.
This is a compilation of Cakes! :)
While we were inside the venue, the Havaianas wet up their MYOH 2012! This was the VIP night so this is a RSVP. 

Wasn't that yummy? How I wish they had samples of those desserts! SO GOOOOOOOOD! :)


Sheena Fiel 

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