Tuesday, October 9, 2012


This past few weeks have been a hell of a ride for me. There were weak points and strong ones. There were happy and sad moments. There were inspiring and disappointing stuffs. There was the good and the bad. I never really see it coming. A friend of mine also felt the same way and he sent me this message and I think it was pretty awesome! :) 

This was dubbed as "Mother Teresa's Anyway Poem"

Sometimes, you do what you think was right and it ended up being thrown outside the window. You tried to reach out and you were given a cold hand. You tried to help and was blocked even before reaching the door. And what's even worse is that people make false accusations to make you look unreasonable and mean and you end up being the bad guy. So what's next? Give up? Move on? Avenge yourself? 

Maybe not. Maybe its better to do nothing and just be human. Cry if you have to. Speak if you need to. Get angry if you will. Feel what you need to feel. Do it for yourself. But please, Build a bridge and get over it. Cause in the end, you owe to yourself the happiness that you deserve. Eat if you will. Laugh for good. Enjoy every moment. Do what makes you happy. 

Whatever you do, there will always be a negative and positive side. It depends on what side people tend to lean to. What's right for you may not be for them. And what's right for them may not be reasonable for you. But its fine because you cannot always connect the dots. You can't always control what side prevails but you can always control how you react towards it. And if in the process, you make mistakes, you can never undo but you can always learn from it. 

When you are yourself, when you care, when you love and when you trust, people will not understand. People will hate. People may not reciprocate and communicate. Whatever happens, Be yourself anyway because you owe to yourself the respect that you will share. 


Sheena Fiel 


  1. very sweet, inspiring post :) Thanx for sharing it~



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