Thursday, October 4, 2012

Drink all you can!

Shame on me for not posting for two weeks! It feels like eternity. Really. I've been caught up with school stuffs. I'm in the middle on my finals week and my book is just my best friend right now.

Last September, The College of Law had its annual Drink all you can. Its a fund raiser for the upcoming Bar Operations. So we had to attend because tickets are compulsory and how could I resist, it was so much fun! :) hahahah! I personally don't drink so I was there for the fun of it all and not for drinking. :)

My classmates! :) They're not looking at the cam because they're watching the happenings on stage! hahaha! I think this was the first photos I took because I was a late comer! hahahaha 
Eto yung mga kumakain! :) 
Saya lang.
Oopies! you probably would know what were the drinks that night. haha
It was ready crowded. Much more crowded than last year. This year was pretty much successful-er than last year. I enjoyed this year than the last. :)
Miss Xu Law :) 
Spy Cam!
Becky Nights! 
Couples eeeeeehhh!
Ededn, partner in crime that day :) hahaha!
Fish-eyed.! EDEN enjoyed it, TIM had no choice. hahahah!
It was a very successful event. I definitely enjoyed it and we were the last ones to go home. We went home, I think, at about 12:30am because we were waiting for Joe to pick me up. It was a really funny night! Its not all the time that you see people get drunk and they, like, talk a lot and do crazy stuffs! What was weird was that I also saw people get super drunk and get super laid back and through up ! I was, like, O___O :|

Ohh, I so miss blogging! :) I'll be posting more because I definitely have a lot to post! :)


Sheena Fiel 

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