Wednesday, October 17, 2012

September's best!

I know I have lapsed in my challenges but forgive me :( I haven't been out of the house for 24 hours now because I'm dead busy with household chores plus, I have muscle painS for playing in the arcade yesterday! hahahah! :) I will commit to my challenge though, its just that the next item requires me to be outside and I haven't been outside so, yeah, I will, don't worry :)

This day didn't go well as happy as I'd expect it to be. I wanted to sleep really early because I wasn't feeling the need to be awake but I can't sleep. Its crazy! So I grabbed the latest Candy Mag that I have, which is the September issue and started reading from page to page! Then, I reached the Feature page and it was really awesome. I don't know. It was about loving and getting hurt and bouncing up; about boys coming in and out of our lives and how every magical moment could eventually flop; about how love stories always don't end with happy endings. YES! Those stuffs. So if you wanna read, I suggest you buy one! :) Its really an awesome read and it lifts up your soul, or at least, it lifted up mine :) 

I honestly don't wanna say anything anymore because I want you guys to read the whole article.. If I'd share bits with you, it wouldn't make sense because it would lack a lot of depth. :) Its never too late to buy one so go go go ! :))

In any case, I would just like to say that I'LL BE FINE!


Sheena Fiel 


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  4. Yes, boys can come in and out of our lives but it's about what you gain from the relationship thats so much more important. Great post!


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  9. My sister would love that front page... :)

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