Monday, November 12, 2012

Centrio Sneak Peek

My last post (click) talked about our first step inside the new mall when it was not open for public and now I'm gonna share the actual day of the Mall Blessing! I can say I am so blessed to have been there because I saw a lot of important people and I took part in a Mall Blessing, an Ayala Mall at that! Centrio is not like any mall here in CdeO and there are alot of new stores. Its not as big as the other Ayala malls but I like it. It fits in the developing city of mine. I was so amazed when I first stepped in the cinema and I was so excited when we toured the mall premises! 

Cocktails before the blessing and mass.
Look at that, there are already posters of the movies.
Lucky kids got coins during the coin shower!
Seriously, I don't know what this green juice is made of but it sure tastes good!
Activity Center!
Penshoppe and their, well, naked mannequins. 
Bench and their naked mannequins. (Sexy Back) hahaha! 
Happy Boy.
Can't wait to eat at SBARRO!!
Y'all know what this mermaid stands for.
It gets me really excited when I see the mall name light up. 
What I have just posted is not even 1/4 of what's inside the mall so better go there for yourself and explore. I must say, its a different mall. Your first trip might make you a stranger in your own land but you'll be able to recognize it in your next visits. I will, for sure, visit again and again and again because it is really accessible from our house. Its only a 5 minute ride so I can just go there whenever I want. HAHAHA! :) I will post more in my next blog post. Watch out for it! :)


Sheena Fiel 


  1. Wow, really nice looking place with a lot of cool stores! :D


  2. yay! the opening truly went wild because of the crowd.. HAHA!
    here's my post about that! ------>

    1. OH YAH. I WAS THERE. CRAZY! PEOPLE HAD TO LINE UP OUTSIDE. lucky for me, I got in as early as 8am due to the mass. :)


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