Thursday, November 1, 2012

I feel the luck.

I mentioned I was out for the week end (Oct. 26-28) so when I got home on the evening of the third day, something was lying on my bed! Behold!! My first ever Giveaway win :) hahahah! :) A couple of weeks ago, I won a giveaway hosted by Askmewhats! I was so happy because its the first win I had and I'm hoping and praying that I could win some more! :) hahahah :)

YES! Those are from Penshoppe! They have a new line so its such a surprise and amazing at the same time. :) I haven't really used them but I love them already. hahaah! They are perfect for those who are just starting to learn about make-up (just like me). It good to use these instead of buying those high-end make-up brushes because I'm just starting so I have to work with what I have. In time, I will buy but for now, these are my tools! btw, I love that it is also travel size so I can bring it anywhere minus the hassle! :) I think I'm gonna do a first impression post about these brushes since I don't want to do any reviews because I have not used it so first impressions will just have to do :)

Thank you for this Nikki :)


Sheena Fiel 

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  1. Wow! Congratulations! I'm a new follower on GFC and bloglovin and I'd love it if you followed back :D I'm a Filipina blogger as well!


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