Saturday, November 10, 2012

Of Carpets and LED Lights.

I have talked about it in my blog and surprisingly, it hit a huge number of hits! 
I have blogged about our first adventure in Centrio here so please check that our because I wont be talking about how beautiful the exterior is nor how amazing the halls of the mall are but I will be talking about one part of the mall were we stayed the most, well, as far as Nov. 7 was concerned. Its no secret that I am part of the Chapel Aides and we had the chance to sing during the Mall Blessing and Opening. We went to the Mall to have our sound check before the blessing for our settings so that we'd be in our best the next day. And behold! The venue for the Mass for the Mall Blessing was at Cinema 2! :) Check it out!

Amazing, isn't it? I've never seen such a cool cinema interior before. We had tons of photos with the LED parallel lights but I just posted 4 cause I didn't wanna bore you all. HAHAHA! The first thing I noticed was the colorful carpet! I loved it! :) And then the chairs and so on and so forth! We were there for almost 3 hours so trust when I say that the movie house freezes you! Literally, its so cold inside so just a little tip for everyone, specially those from CdeO, bring a jacket when you watch a movie here because its freezing cold!   So yeah, it was our first time to go in the Mall when it was not yet open for the public. We had the whole movie house for ourselves which kinda cool. =D and oh, we were taking pictures when we noticed the construction workers smiling and posing for the cam so we took photos of them! hahaha :)

What out for my next posts!! :) 


Sheena Fiel 


  1. Lovely blog.

  2. This looks really beautiful and amazing..

  3. All the picture are nice. Specially the stairs picture the glow of blue LED's looks amazing.


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