Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Chocolate Heaven

The title says it all, right?

I love chocolate. I am a chocoholic and I don’t care! My favorite one, I think, apart from the conventional Hershey’s Chocolates because it’s a given, I loooove those REESE PEANUT BUTTER CUPS! *droooools* BUT, I won’t be talking about that because its not what I have right now. I WAS JUST SHARING!

My uncle in Canada sent a package for us and my mom was the one who first saw it. She texted me that there were a lot of chocolates and I was so excited. When I came home, BEHOLD! 3 boxes of premium chocolate were waiting for me!!

IMG_6564 (700x525)IMG_6566 (700x525)page

I opened the Quality Sweet because I wanted to eat some of it. AND OMG! IT SMELLS SO GOOD! Its like chocolatey-caramely and toffee-y? hahaha! It smells so good, I wish you guys could smell it! I thought at first, all were just packaging and they had the same flavor but no, every candy package has a different flavor! I’m gonna post them one by one but I haven’t eaten all so yeah.

IMG_6581 (700x525)

Orange Crunch

IMG_6582 (700x525)

Caramel Swirl

IMG_6583 (700x525)

Chocolate Noisette Pate

IMG_6584 (700x525)

Milk Chocolate Hazelnut with Caramel

IMG_6585 (700x525)

Toffee Penny

IMG_6586 (700x525)

Strawberry Delight

IMG_6587 (700x525)

Toffee Deluxe

IMG_6589 (700x525)

Orange Creme

IMG_6590 (700x525)

Milk Choc Block

IMG_6591 (700x525)

Vanilla Fudge

IMG_6592 (700x525)

Chocolate Toffee Finger

IMG_6593 (700x525)

Coconut Éclair


These are so adorable! I can’t wait to eat them!

If you guys have tried these, comment down below about anything you wanna say! I am in Chocolate Heaven right now and no amount of Stress can break this Happiness in me! Smile



Sheena Fiel 

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  1. those caramel swirl and toffees!!!! yum yum yum! :)


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