Monday, January 28, 2013

First Post (I know. Its late)

Hello you guys!! Smile I am really apologizing for not being active for the past 3 weeks, I think. I was just so busy with the new year and the midterms so I wasn’t able to update my blog and I am missing this feeling of excitement whenever I post! I am really looking forward to this year and I’ll be making posts and hopefully I get to update the blog more often than last year because I miss this. I thought it would just be easy but it was not. Everytime I log in to the internet, I always find time to check on my blog but I don’t have like the enough time to write posts. Sorry! I will make up for it. I promise! Smile


I am in the middle of experimenting with Windows Live Writer. I got it when I installed Windows live because my notebook just got reformatted so it was lacking some applications and softwares. Windows Live Writer it an application where you can sync your blog and you can write stuffs even if offline and then you can publish it in your blog, because, again, your blog is synced. Its really convenient because before, I make post online so whenever there’s no internet, I can’t update my blog and I can’t compose posts with pictures and music and the stuffs I wanna post. With this application that I am trying, I can just compose offline and add all the things I want and publish it on the day that I want. also, your gadgets are synced so it would be really hard to publish! Smile I am trying it out now with this post and if this post reaches my blog, then you’d know that the Windows Live Writer is working!!

Well, just a little sneak at what I wore during mass on New Year’s Eve! Smile 


Long Sleeves – WAGW; Skirt – BADO; Shoes – SM Parisian


Sheena Fiel 

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